Carry On

Fun.- Carry On (ACOUSTIC) from Music Dies on Vimeo.

The video above is from a relatively new -- or at least re-formed -- pop-rock trio based in New York called "Fun."  In perhaps more than a metaphorical sense, the band's name is exactly the word I use to describe my job.  I love what I do and with whom I get to do it.  Sometimes it's you.  Sometimes it's IBMers.  Jim Marsden, the guy in the banner picture alongside me, is my Development colleague in crime.  He's one of hundreds that I get to work with in building software products at IBM.  Jim is a quality dude...the kind of guy who has integrity and is the same even when nobody's around.  I like that about Jim.

Back to Fun.  I'm captivated by the lyrics to "Carry On," or at least most of them.  "Carry on" is exactly what I am doing these days.  With Jim...with hundreds of we enthusiastically continue the legacy of innovation and communication passed on from those who have served before.  Yeah, I'm thinking of my former boss and predecessor, Ed Brill.  Ed, thanks for the opportunity to carry on.  Your shoes are amazingly huge, but I'm enjoying every minute of trying to fill them.  And while may not initially compare to, we're carrying on...

So that's it for the first blog post.  Someone once told me that "...bloggers are born, not made..."  We'll see.  I'm out to prove 'em wrong, because I love what I do and I love talking about it.

Many thanks to my friend and Jim-like colleague Steve Castledine, who has worked hard to get my site up and going following Ed's transition to IBM MobileFirst.  Together, we'll continue make tweaks and additions over the coming weeks and months.

Oh, there is one more thing...midnight tonight...the biggest release of Notes and Domino in years becomes generally available to the planet:  "IBM Notes and Domino 9.0 Social Edition."  9.0 will rock your socks off.  Give it a whirl.  You'll see why I'm so proud of our developers.